Monday , December 4 2023

Adopt The Convenient Management Wireless AP Product For Wireless Network Coverage

Nowadays, office buildings, hotels, and other projects are designed to include wireless network coverage. In project implementation, wireless AP network products that are convenient and easy to manage network wireless devices in the later stage are often used as the coverage of front-end wireless signals.


In the specific installation process of wireless AP, we need to pay attention to ensuring the stability of the wireless network after the project implementation is completed and reducing project rework.


The outdoor access point plays the role of a hub in wireless networks, which is actually the “base station” for transmitting wireless network signals. Therefore, its installation location must be selected properly to not affect the stable transmission of the entire wireless network signal.


Considering that wireless communication signals propagate in a straight line direction if there are obstacles during transmission, the strength of the wireless communication signal will be weakened, especially when encountering metal obstacles, and the attenuation amplitude of the wireless signal is even greater.


To avoid interference from external obstacles to the wireless signal, when installing the wireless AP, try to install it as high as possible.


For those with outdoor antennas, iron towers can also be used to increase the height of the wireless outdoor antenna for the best outdoor access point. This can effectively reduce mobile or fixed obstacles between wireless terminals and APs, ensuring that the signal coverage range of wireless APs is large enough, and the overall communication performance of wireless networks will be greatly improved.

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