Saturday , December 9 2023

Based On Your Own Characteristics To Choose The Most Suitable Sport Eyeglasses

As the number of people who love outdoor sports grows, the demand for various outdoor equipment such as sports clothing, sports shoes, knee pads, discount glasses, and safety helmets naturally increases.


However, many people overlook the protection of their eyes. Different types of sports glasses can provide people with a better outdoor sports experience. Based on their characteristics and sports environment, choosing the most suitable pair of discountglasses can give them the feeling.


  1. In choosing the shape of sports discount glasses, everyone has their preferences, and different facial shapes have different requirements for different shaped frames. Remember the principle of complementarity: choose a round face formula shape and a square face with an ellipse.


  1. The selection of mirror frames requires softness, elasticity, impact resistance, and safety to protect the face from damage during movement. The veneer design of the mirror frame can make the eyes tightly adhere to the edge of the frame, preventing strong winds from irritating the eyes during rapid movement.


  1. When choosing sports glasses, attention should be paid to the lens function. Because different lenses have different filtering effects on light, they can also adapt to different sports environments.


For example, purple lenses can reduce the degree of visible light entering the eyes without affecting visual clarity. So the lenses of bicycle sports glasses can be purple and suitable for long-term wear.


The yellow-green progressive color and purple gold-plated mercury lenses can effectively filter blue light, and enhance the contrast between the sky and the ground, so golf glasses use yellow-green and purple lenses, making the sphere more distinct in the field of view.


Of course, it can also be classified based on the intensity of the exercise, such as the glasses used for basketball and swimming, which are different.

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