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Eco-Friendly Diwali Ideas: How to Celebrate a Green Diwali with Handcrafted Diwali Decor?

Adopting environmentally responsible habits is something that happens all year round. The following blog looks at how to add sustainability and handcrafted appeal to your festivities. We’ll explore the realm of environmentally friendly décor, which may improve the aesthetics of your area while using less harmful materials. Whether it’s Diwali or any other moment, you can make your decorations moral, unique, and environmentally responsible.

  • Sustainable Material Selection

Promoting an environmentally friendly event requires you to decide to choose sustainable resources for your Diwali decorations and activities. Choose products manufactured from eco-friendly and renewable resources. 

For example, you can select decorations made of recyclable paper, jute, or bamboo. These materials give your design a distinctive, rustic character while also lessening their impact on the environment. 

Seek out handcrafted goods and show your support for regional craftsmen as doing so promotes sustainability and fosters local development one such brand that fits the criteria is Kari by Kriti. Furthermore, give preference to non-toxic, natural paints and colours that don’t include any hazardous ingredients.

  • Minimalist and Reusable Table Decor

Adopting a minimalist design idea while buying Diwali home decor results in less waste and a refined, tidy look. Pick a few well-chosen pieces that go well together and a basic colour scheme. Reusable dinnerware composed of sturdy ceramics, stainless steel, or bamboo is a great option. 

Think about using washable in the washer and reusable table runners and linen napkins. Furthermore, using succulents or potted plants as centrepieces not only provides some greenery but also functions as a long-lasting and sustainable design component. After the celebration, these plants may be planted again, minimising waste and fostering sustainability.

  • Eco-Conscious Cleanup

It’s important to clean up in an ecologically conscious way when the celebrations are finished. Use eco-friendly substitutes for single-use cleaning supplies. Choose environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning products. Sort garbage into recyclables and non-recyclables, then appropriately dispose of each. 

Compost organic waste if at all possible. To ensure that your Diwali décor pieces continue to provide delight for years to come, you can also think about reusing or conserving them for later use. You may show your support for sustainability even outside of the event by using these environmentally friendly cleanup techniques, which will also make the earth a cleaner and healthier place.

Adopting eco-friendly practises and buying festive decor items online while enhancing the appeal of your surroundings morally may lessen the harmful impact on the earth, whether it’s Diwali or any other event. Along with contributing to making the occasion unique, you can help the environment by using eco-friendly cleaning supplies, decorating tables in a simple yet reusable manner, and using sustainable materials. 

You may have eco-friendly and beautiful celebrations together. Explore Kari by Kriti’s garden tool set and wall décor, where eco-friendliness and craftsmanship collide for a more beautiful and greener world if you’re planning to buy Diwali home decor online in India while trying to incorporate these principles into your design.

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