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Global Aquafeed Market Set to Grow Through 2029: Drivers and Constraints

Diving into the Blue Gold: Navigating the Aquafeed Market Wave

In the ever-evolving seascape of the global market, the Aquafeed industry stands as a beacon of growth and innovation. Valued at US$ 58.03 billion in 2022, it is poised to surge to US$ 93.19 billion by 2029, riding the waves of a commendable 7% CAGR during the forecast period. Let’s embark on a deep-sea expedition, exploring the dynamics, segments, and regional currents shaping the Aquafeed market.

Aquafeed Market Dynamics: Nourishing Growth in Troubled Waters

The impact of the COVID-19 lockdown echoes in the Aquafeed market report, unveiling a nuanced analysis of its repercussions on market leaders, followers, and disruptors. The lockdown, implemented with varying intensities globally, has shaped the market’s current and future landscape. Decision-makers can now navigate the seas of uncertainty armed with insights, preparing strategies region-wise.

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New Species, New Horizons: The Aquaculture Renaissance

The emergence of new species in aquaculture and the burgeoning growth of fish farming create a symphony of new revenue streams. Meager, amberjack, and wreckfish, among others, embrace commercially manufactured compound feeds, revolutionizing the aquafeed landscape.

A transformative wave surges with the introduction of new algae aquaculture feed ingredients, replacing fishmeal and fish oil with plant-based materials. This shift, low in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), ushers in a new era of sustainable aquafeed. Soybean meal takes center stage, replacing over 70% of fish meal protein, with benefits ranging from increased proteins to health-conscious oil reduction.

Aquafeed Market Segment Analysis: Ingredients and End-Users Unveiled

In the intricate tapestry of the Aquafeed market, soybean emerges as the star ingredient. With an expected dominance in market share during the forecast period, soybean’s excellence lies in its 48% high-quality protein content, rich digestible amino acids, and xanthophylls. It serves as a cornerstone in aquafeed production, propelling growth.

End-users, particularly the fish segment, claim the spotlight. Fish, hailed as a low-cost and easily digestible animal protein, steers the market ship. The rise in fish farming and aquaculture fuels the demand for fish feed, with artificial settings like Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) and Aquaponics amplifying production and availability.

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Fish meal
Fish oil

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Amino acids
Feed enzymes
Feed Acidifiers

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Regional Insights: Navigating the Global Waters

The Asia-Pacific region reigns as the Aquafeed market dominator, contributing over 53% of global revenue and constituting more than 58% of overall consumption. The highest growth in fish consumption emanates from Asia-Pacific and Latin American regions, driven by changing diet patterns, urbanization, population growth, and economic prosperity.

China, a behemoth in fish demand, surpasses domestic supply, creating a demand-supply dance echoed by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. North America and Europe, although housing smaller aquaculture industries, heavily rely on Asian producers to meet the burgeoning demand for fish and seafood products.

Key Players: Sailing the Competitive Seas

In the competitive landscape of the Aquafeed market, key players emerge as navigators of innovation and growth. Archer Daniels Midland Company, Cargill, Alltech, Ridley Corporation Ltd., Nutreco N.V, Avanti Feeds Ltd., Biostadt India Ltd., Nutriad, Aller Aqua A/S, BioMar, BIOMIN Holding GmbH, Norel Animal Nutrition, De Heus Animal Nutrition, and Dibaq a.s set sail as pioneers shaping the industry’s future.

Charting the Course for Aquafeed Excellence

As the Aquafeed market charts its course towards a projected CAGR of 7%, it stands as a testament to the industry’s resilience and adaptability. Navigating through the currents of innovation, sustainability, and global dynamics, the Aquafeed market presents a blueprint for success in an ocean of opportunities.

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