Sunday , December 10 2023

Real Merchants Sell At Real Eyeglasses Prices For Consumers

Have you ever seen glasses with frame packaging that costs more than frame packaging? The kid’s eyeglasses online purchase glasses. Many customers choose to send frames to us for processing, and we have seen too many of the frames they receive. And the quality varies.


  1. Frames with packaging that is even more expensive than frames: a tall and upscale outer packaging, a finely crafted eyeglass box, and various small gifts are configurations that should only be available for mid to high-end glasses.


And when I got the frame in my hand, it simply overturned my three views. The material of the mirror frame is alloy, and the worst electroplating process is water-gold electroplating. The mirrored ring does not have screws (processing and installation of lenses can only be pressed in).


  1. Pure titanium frames that are shoddy: All stores refer to those containing titanium as pure titanium, but there are actually two types: pure titanium and semi-titanium.


  1. Real merchants sell at real prices, and this part of the frame cannot be said to be bad because it is worth the price. Do you want to say that you are worthy of your own eyes for these friends? Is healthy vision really so cheap?


All branded lenses of cheap eyeglasses near me have anti-counterfeiting labels, which may be on the outer surface or the inner surface. Just be patient and look for it, it’s not particularly easy to find. Just check online to find out.

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